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Congratulations to Dabney Vaccaro RDH, BS who has her paper published in our Action Research library. Dabney wanted to discover what would happen if her patients and colleagues were able to give up added sugar for one week. You can read her paper here!


Nadia’s “Hygiene Third Eye: Reflection in Practice” is an excellent example of an art reflection. Great job, Nadia! 

Instructor Timothy Ives recently assigned Class 3A-15 to create a reflection and artwork with the theme being 'The Professional Me'.

Below are two excellent examples of reflections and art work.

Bradley Taylor

Artefact: "The Professional Me"
When asked to produce an artefact in response to the artist Jim Marriot titled The Professional Me; I decided that the best way to digest what professional meant to me was to carry out a six minute write but with my professional self at the fore front of my thoughts (Gillie Bolton, 2014). During my six minute writing session it became apparent that in order to be a professional many factors play a part in our professional being. The main factors which came up during the writing session were the skills provided, good patient rapport and communication, appearance and essential equipment needed. This allowed me to reflect on my own professionalism. Without one of the factors our professionalism towards our patients and ourselves can be tarnished. I also compared my six minute writing to my SWOT guide to review the similarities between my professional self and my own perceptions of my career at present. From this I was able to appreciate that from my patients’ initial point of view of us as professionals, the way we dress is a major indicator on how we are perceived as dental care professionals. Would you be able to recognise a dental hygienist out of uniform? I decided that from this I would depict the professional me through the eyes of my patients but also my influence on what I consider to be my professional self at work compared to that when I leave work and return home. My duffle bag in which contains my work wear, practice keys and oral hygiene products is essential for me to be able to carry out my job which encases the professional me to and from work.

Congratulations to Monica Spadafora, RDH whose final paper has been published on the O'Hehir University website. Monica researched whether an oral care education program to group home caregivers might equip them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to provide oral hygiene care for clients with disabilities. Great job Monica! You can read her paper in the Action Research Library here

 Congratulations to Melissa Hall whose final paper appears on the O'Hehir University Website. Melissa wrote about promoting, improving, and collaborating oral health care in long-term care facilities.  You can read her paper in the Action Research Library here.