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Our school

As a new student to OHU, I was so excited to get started with my class. However, I also experienced a lot of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability. These feelings were not only from being a new student with big expectations but also from recovering from a medical crisis. Prior to enrolling for OHU, I had experienced a life threatening medical crisis and was on the early stages of healing. I was hesitant to start anything new, but I kept on getting these "nudges and pushes" about OHU. I did my research and contacted Trisha, explained my situation and she encouraged me to try this. To my great surprise, this was not only a great professional move but it has been one of the most gratifying personal experiences that have come my way. OHU has been a key factor for my healing. It allowed me to dig deeper into my emotional side, bring out my fears and vulnerabilities and to be ok with them. Who knew that this would occur while obtaining a BS in Oral Health Promotion?

Congratulations Jill Savolt RDH, BS, as her final paper has been published on our web site. Jill wanted to discover if people understood the relationship between oral pH values and acid causing bacteria. Read her paper in the Action Research Library here.