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Our school

Jim Marriot’s influence towards this artefact is the medium and style in which I painted this water colour piece. I enjoyed watching the water colours bleed into the water colour paper revealing the fabric which was holding the contents of my bag. I included a tooth brush and TePe interdental brush sticking out of the bag as this reminded me of the common objects which can be found at the bottom of my bag (normal for a Dental Care professional but strange for the general public) and embarrassing for when they fall out trying to find your wallet or mobile phone in front of friends who are not in the dental profession.

Without our uniform or equipment we are not identifiable as dental care professionals and this is what The Professional Me artefact represents to me. The idea of being able to open our bag at the start of the day and close it as we leave is symbolic to being able to be professional at work and to be able to pack all of our professional work up as we leave at the end of the day going back to our lives at home and returning the next day. Without my duffle bag which contains the equipment in order for me to be the professional me, would I be able to carry out my role as a Dental Hygienist and Therapist?
References: Gillie Bolton 2014 Fourth Edition Reflective Practice “How to Start: the Five Stages” Page 136 Sage Publications

Janet Meegan

"Me, All Over"
What a daunting task, a self portrait of myself with the mind of Escher? My mind was immediately blown! Thinking of all the possibilities , I was intimidated for days . Or was I ? At first I thought of a large canvases with all sorts of bits about me I might find around the house or yard ( my domain ) , but it has to be about my professional self to. I planned of attaching things and rotating the canvas from north to east going up or down and so on. No, it would be too big and to messy . What will I do ? On to the task at hand the grass needed cutting. While I was mowing the grass I remembered a conversation with a friend. He said you are funny , you mow in all different directions not making a pattern , you know it would save steps if you mow in straight lines." What a crazy thought that would be so very boring to me. I prefer to mow in sections as my whim takes me, some triangles , paisleys squares and circles. Circles are my favorite as either I start in the center and spiral out ward or start on the inside spiraling in, either way I end up mowing fast almost running . I'm always smiling and laughing at myself. Without allowing myself to be creative and different, the task of mowing would be a dreaded difficult chore. I had my'' ah ha'' moment . I've always been the one to color outside the lines , make my own way , and ask why and are you sure . Aren't the rules just guidelines. So how can I fit myself into Escher's world of order ? I'm attracted to his work because it bends the rules and helps me see the possibility's. All within an orderly repeatable manner. I could create first then imagine it with a graft to make it measurable that could be repeated. I gathered materials, jotted down and sketched ideas. Still not knowing what would actually come out of me when I set myself to create the piece. I found the process like I find writing and research , for that matter bringing most any Idea I have into being . I get frustrated trying to put all my thoughts in and condensing them to make sense to the reader, In my school days I would write draft after draft plan and revise only to revise again getting stuck and turning in incomplete or hurried work in . But this, this is art. I failed most of my art assignments in school because I did not produce something that looked like everyone else's or the artist or style we were studying. It had never bothered me much. I just moved on because to me art is something that pours out of the artist or the artist creates. I hadn't been one to plan the work. Escher planned out everything in great detail, I wanted to create without plan. I settled on creating first then making the scale fit the work. After all he showed how we could bend turn and twist within the scale . For the first time in my own mind I believed "I do fit in." I have a plan, wow me with a plan. I've prepared a canvas. I will start with a grid . I will build upon it. I'm determined to prove to myself that me all over the place does fit in . Lastly I thought of the title , I love the move The Wizard of Oz. One of my favorite quotes is when the Tin man has to stuff the Scarecrow back together after they are jumbled by the flying monkeys. The Scarecrow says with upset and worry "First they took my legs off and threw them over there! Then they took my chest out and threw it over there! " The Tin man replies with "We'll that's just you all over!"

“If we walk far enough," says Dorothy, "we shall sometime come to someplace.”

Well done Bradley and Janet!!