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Kia ora,

Hello and welcome from the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa, or as you may know it New Zealand. I first came here to work as a Dental Hygienist in 2003, leaving to return to the UK in 2006. Seven years later, my wife Toni and I came back to remain.

I am still a clinical practitioner, something I've been happily doing since 1988. I have worked in the Soviet Union and Russia for the Foreign Office, West Berlin, Cyprus and many parts of the UK, in a variety of roles and clinical situations. I can honestly say now that I feel very empowered and self-actualised, due, in part, to OHU and Action Research, and I now get great satisfaction from my career. It wasn't always thus so.

I remember Phil Collins having an album called Face Value way back when. It makes me smile to think that most of my clinical decision making was formed and set to that title and I assumed that all I had to do was to turn up, tune in and believe and accept without question those who led me.

Sabrina Cooper, RDH, BSc is an active volunteer for Global Dental Relief. Read about her volunteer work, and also don't miss her article in the Canadian Journal of Hygiene.

Student Marlena Tomaszewski created a blind contour drawing of a flower and wrote an insightful reflection to go with it. 

Wendi Sparks, graduate of Class 2A-15 recently published an article in RDH magazine about navigating a new trend in tobacco usage in hookahs. You can read the full article here. Excellent job, Wendi!!

Congratulations to Sabrina Cooper, RDH, BSc who has her paper published in the OHU Action Research Library. Sabrina wanted to know if using motivational interviewing and coaching with follow up emails would increase patient compliance using the dry brush method, and if it would affect the reduction of plaque and bleeding along the gingival margin. Read her paper and learn more here.