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Our school

Trisha attended the second Smiles at Sea cruise starting in New Orleans and going to Cozumel and back. Great CE, super sponsors and loads of fun!

We had a great time catching up with OHU Graduates!!

A big thank you to the Swiss Dental Hygiene Association for organising a great international meeting. The next ISDH will be July 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. Put a note in your diary. OHU will be planning to attend.

It was great to see OHU Alumni at the 2016 Annual Session in Pittsburgh, PA!

O‬'Hehir University founder Sarah Cottingham represented OHU at the inaugural Smiles at Sea cruise.  Don't miss next year's cruise which will be sailing out of New Orleans. Trisha O'Hehir and Susan Wingrove will be speaking! Register here.