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Our school

O’Hehir University is committed to engendering an ethos of environmental awareness and we recognize the important role we have to play in developing the environmental stewardship of staff, students, graduates and promoting this to all other societies and educational establishments we have a relationship with.

• Buildings are responsible for 40% of carbon emissions within academic institutions. As we are a virtual university, we have no buildings to manage.
• The second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is transport, which makes up approximately 29% of world emissions. All of our classes are on-line so none of our students and faculty utilizes this finite energy resource as they can access classes from the comfort of their own home. Consider how much energy is used transporting students to and from each university every day.
• We are committed to being as paperless as possible. All communication and written work is published on software via PC’s and Mac’s.
• Graduation ceremonies are situated during dental symposia attended by Faculty, thereby preventing unnecessary travel.

In addition we are committed to:

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements as a minimum.
• From 2016 onwards we will publish here an annual environmental report, which summarizes our environmental performance.

The Founders, Faculty and Staff are all responsible for the environmental management and performance and the integration of sustainable development at the university. All Students and Alumni share this responsibility and are invited to promote best practice and monitor performance.