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Our school

O’Hehir University

Bachelor of Science Degree in Oral Health Promotion



The O’Hehir University Bachelor of Science Degree in Oral Health Promotion is open to all licensed/registered dental hygienists, internationally.  All previous credits earned are accepted and applied toward completion of this BS/BSc Degree.  Each class/cohort of approximately four to six students meets regularly over the six months using online video conferencing software.  Wikispaces provides the online community, libraries and classrooms for O’Hehir University.  Each class/cohort has its own Wikispaces class location and each student has their own Wikipage within their class Wiki.  Students are expected to attend all class meetings, upload written assignments to their Wikipage, upload specific assignments to (anti-plagiarism and peer review software), provide Peer Mark Assessments of classmates’ work and engage in discussions during class meetings.  

The following courses are completed by each student with a cohort of four to six students over the six-month program.


OHU 450  Reflective Practice, 3 credits

The effectiveness of current oral hygiene instructions and outcomes are observed within current dental hygiene practice.  The outcomes of traditional practice are critically analyzed and success rates determined.  Alternative approaches to oral health promotion are presented and discussed. The textbook for this OHU 450 and OHU 460 is:  Reflective Practice Writing and Professional Development, by Gillie Bolton.  


OHU 460  Reflective Writing, 3 credits

Weekly student reflections are posted on their personal Wikipage within the classroom Wiki.  Reflective paragraphs relate to the state of oral health they encounter within their daily practice/life.  Reflections are discussed during class to cover all sides of the situation, seeking feedback from classmates.    


OHU 470  Oral Health Promotion, 4 credits

Students evaluate the oral health of those around them, family, friends, colleagues and/or patients/clients, delving into the concept of disease prevention and beliefs held by professionals and consumers about oral health.  A personal philosophy of oral health promotion is developed by each student through the completion of a SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) relating to oral health and their career.       


OHU 480  Health Behavior Change, 8 credits

Students investigate patient’s values and goals and work with them individually to jointly create a personal oral health program the patient commits to follow.  Outcomes are measured to determine the behavior change achieved and the impact on oral health.  The textbook for this is Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice, by Christoph A. Ramseier and Jean E. Suvan. 


OHU 490  Thesis:  Action Research Project  12 credits

Identification of a significant problem that contributes to oral disease.  Development of an Action Research Question which identifies what the clinician will change in their interaction with patients to achieve better oral health.   A clinical research plan is created to test the Action Research Question.  The plan is implemented and the project completed.  A 3,500-5,000 word thesis will include:  Abstract, Action Research Question, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Clinical Relevance.   The thesis is submitted to for  plagiarism evaluation and for Peer Mark Assessment.  The textbook for this is All You Need to Know About Action Research, by Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead.