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The O’Hehir University Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Oral Health Promotion encompasses both traditional approaches to prevention and innovative new science-based concepts leading to the end of dental disease.  This degree is designed for clinicians.  Those seeing positions in teaching or research should seek a bachelor's degree focusing specifically on education or research.




The OHU BS degree completion program is not an accredited program, by choice. To read more about accreditation and why OHU choose to not pursue accreditation, please read more about accreditation here. 



The Bachelor of Science Degree in Oral Health Promotion is a degree completion program open to licensed or registered dental hygienists. By virtue of licensure/registration, RDHs have completed the necessary coursework for a BS Degree. In many cases, RDHs have the equivalent of 150 contact credit hours, more than enough credits for a Bachelor's Degree.



Registration for the next Wednesday & Sunday class is now open. 

The Sunday class will run on Sunday mornings US/Canada time and Sunday afternoons European time.

The Wednesday class will run on Wednesday evenings US/Canada time.



All classes start when full (5 students) meeting in video conferencing weekly at the above times and run for six months. Each graduating class or cohort of about five students works together over a six-month period to fulfill the requirements of graduation.



Active participation in online video conferencing

Submission of a completed portfolio

Peer assessment of Action Research reports



Four textbooks are used in this degree completion program:

Anxiety Free:  Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind, by Patrick McKeown

Reflective Writing by Kate Williams, Mary Woolliams and Jane Spiro

Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice, by Christoph Ramseier and Jean Suvan

100 Questions (and Answers) About Action Research, by Luke Duesbery and Todd Twyman



Tuition for the BS Degree Completion Program is $3,999.00. There is a $50 application fee. A 6-month payment plan is available including a finance charge.

Master of Arts Degree in Oral Health Promotion

Coming Soon!

This innovative and exciting 18 month Master of Arts Degree in Oral Health Promotion provides a foundation for the student to develop and test an innovative enterprising model for oral health promotion.   The student will master all aspects of preventing dental disease and maintaining oral health both for individuals and communities. The use of scientific evidence is a primary focus for plan development and evaluation. Business development is a core focus of this program. Development of writing and presentation skills will be essential. An action research based approach to oral health promotion plus effective brand development, marketing and advertising encompass the program. An action research dissertation is required for graduation.



Students need to be licensed/registered dental hygienists with a BS or BSc Degree. Students must also provide a paragraph explaining why they want to create a novel enterprise to promote oral health. 




Total Points = 180 in Five Modules

Post Graduate Certificate in Oral Health Promotion

Module 1. Foundation in Oral Health Promotion: 30 points, 3 months

Module 2. The Business of Dental Hygiene: 30 points, 3 months


Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Health Promotion

Module 3. Brand development, advertising, marketing: 30 points, 3 months

Module 4. Oral Health Promotion - Evidence & Research: 30 points, 3 months


Master of Arts Degree in Oral Health Promotion

Module 5. Design and implement a new business enterprise and action research project: 60 points, 6 months.


Module One

Foundation in Oral Health Promotion

Months 0 - 3 


This three-month module provides the introduction and foundation for the Master’s Degree Program. This program is based on inquiry and reflection and will focus on oral health promotion, specifically trends in oral health models: locally, nationally and internationally. Students will complete this module with expertise in oral health promotion. As an expert in oral health, students will develop an Action Research plan for a new enterprise to promote oral health.


  •     Demonstrate expertise in oral health promotion.
  •     Critically appraise current prevention models.
  •     Develop a creative enterprise model for oral health promotion.


Module Two

The Business of Dental Hygiene

Months 4 – 6

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Module 1


This 3-month module provides a fundamental understanding of business and profitability. This program is based on inquiry and reflection and will focus on dental hygienist in business-specifically owning, working within, and partnership within businesses. Students will complete this module with skilled business acumen. As a skilled business professional, students will develop the business plan for their Action Research plan for a new enterprise to promote oral health.


  •     Demonstrate expertise in creating a business plan.
  •     Critically appraise current business models.
  •     Develop creative new models for dental hygienists to create additional passive income through business ownership.


Module Three

Brand Development, Advertising and Marketing

Months 7 – 9

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Modules 1 and 2 


This 3-month module will provide a fundamental understanding of brand development and marketing. With the guidance of marketing and design experts, a brand strategy will be developed for the project that results in a cohesive, distinctive and successful brand. Core brand values will be identified prior to developing a core brand message and the brand personality. Materials covered in this module will help students create a brand strategy document for their Action Research plan for a new enterprise to promote oral health.


  •     Identify the core values and personality of your brand.
  •     Identify the market and customers your brand is intended to reach.
  •     Create a brand strategy document for a new oral health promotion enterprise.


Module Four

Oral Health Promotion - Evidence and Research

Months 10 – 12

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 


This 3-month module looks at various roles dental hygienists and therapists play in research currently and in the future. We explore evidenced based practice and examine the assumptions underpinning qualitative and quantitative paradigms and the ways in which particular methodologies and methods are aligned to each other. The module is positioned prior to beginning the Masters project in order to allow students to position their work at an appropriate level and to be equipped to write their own action research dissertation.


  •     Demonstrate the capacity to evaluate research.
  •     Critically appraise qualitative and quantitative paradigms.
  •     Critique the selection and use of research methodologies and methods.


Module Five

Developing and Testing a New Business Model

Months 13 – 19

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 


This 6-month module builds on the experience gained from all the previous programs at OHU and positions the post graduate dental professional with the creativity, knowledge and skills to design and implement a business model and brand strategy for a new oral health promotion enterprise with goals of achieving greater oral health and financial success.


  •     Demonstrate successful application of the Brand Strategy and Business Plan.
  •     Measure outcomes for both improved oral health and financial potential of the enterprise.
  •     Critically appraise the new business model for ongoing success.



  •     Successful completion of all five modules
  •     Completion of Action Research Project
  •     Presentation of an Action Research Dissertation
  •     Students are required to complete this 18-month program within three years.



Tuition for the MA in Oral Health Promotion will be $3,590 per Module. There is a $50 application fee. A payment plan is available.



OHU offers a six month Mentorship Certificate Program for graduates to work with an OHU degree completion class.  Each mentor works with a faculty member and one class, participating in each class session and taking at least one class session alone.  Mentors have their own Wiki and share experiences, readings and insights.  Completion of the Mentorship Certificate Program requires a reflective paper based on the experience. 



A BS/BSc in Oral Health Promotion from O'Hehir University



The Post Graduate Certificate in Mentoring is a six month program.



To develop dental hygienists and therapists who are able to critically assess their own practice as a mentor, discuss the associated theories of mentoring and demonstrate the application of acquired skill and experience, linked to their own and their students individual working environments.



Mentoring students take part in each class meeting with a tutor and BS/BSc students. They participate, assist the tutor and provide guidance as required to students. The tutor sets short reflective assignments between each meeting involving:


  • Defining mentoring
  • Learning Styles
  • Mentoring Models
  • Communication & learning
  • Attributes and skills of a mentor
  • Ethics of mentoring


Towards the end of the 6 months, the mentor utilizes their experience of action research to assist the students with their final projects.

Summative Assessment Required outcomes for the post graduate certificate in mentoring O'Hehir University: 1. The student has demonstrated leadership, mentoring and communication skills to a cohort of students over a 6 month period whilst guiding and facilitating them through a project based assignment at BS level under the guidance of a tutor. 2. Feedback received from students and tutor and evidence of action taken provided. 3. 2500 - 3000 +- 10% word evidenced reflective account provided during 6 month period.



To apply for the Mentorship Certificate Program, please submit a 250 word letter of intent stating why you are interested in participating in the program and what you hope to achieve. Also include whether Sunday or Wednesdays work best for you.  Please email your letter of intent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.