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The O’Hehir University Bachelor of Science degree completion program in Oral Health Promotion encompasses both traditional approaches to prevention and innovative new science-based concepts leading to the end of dental disease.  This degree is designed for clinicians.  Those seeing positions in teaching or research should seek a bachelor's degree focusing specifically on education or research.




The OHU BS degree completion program is not an accredited program, by choice. To read more about accreditation and why OHU choose to not pursue accreditation, please read more about accreditation here. 



The Bachelor of Science Degree in Oral Health Promotion is a degree completion program open to licensed or registered dental hygienists. By virtue of licensure/registration, RDHs have completed the necessary coursework for a BS Degree. In many cases, RDHs have the equivalent of 150 contact credit hours, more than enough credits for a Bachelor's Degree.



Registration for the next Wednesday & Sunday class is now open. 

The Sunday class will run on Sunday mornings US/Canada time and Sunday afternoons European time.

The Wednesday class will run on Wednesday evenings US/Canada time.



All classes start when full (5-8 students) meeting regularly at the above times and run for 6 months. Each graduating class or cohort of five to eight students works together over a six month period to fulfill the requirements of graduation.



Active participation in online video conferencing

Submission of a completed portfolio

Peer assessment of Action Research reports



Four textbooks are used in this degree completion program:

Anxiety Free:  Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind, by Patrick McKeown

Reflective Practice, by Gillie Bolton OR Reflective Writing by Kate Williams, Mary Woolliams and Jane Spiro

Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice, by Christoph Ramseier and Jean Suvan

All You Need to Know About Action Research, by Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead 



Tuition for the BS Degree Completion Program is $3,999.00. There is a $50 application fee. A 6-month payment plan is available.