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Our school

Congratulations to Sabrina Cooper and Dabney Vaccaro who just graduated! We wish you a happy and prosperous future! Well done!

Congratulations to the Graduates of Class 5A-15: Sandra Findlater, Alicia Randall, Sandra Hersey, and Candi Schaedel! Warm wishes for a full and prosperous future!

Congratulations to O'Hehir University Instructor Tim Ives who just received a Master of Arts in Medical Education (with a Commendation!) from University of Bedfordshire. Tim says thanks to the O'Hehir University students and graduates who helped with his research. For confidentiality reasons he can't name you personally but you know who you are!


Read more about Tim Ives.

Janet Meegan, Sheree Williams, Tammy Holmstrom, Bradley Taylor and Erika Aguilera of Class 3A-15 have graduated! Congratulations and best wishes to you all!  

Congratulations to Class 3C-15: Stephanie McKinnell, Nadine Russell, and Edward Machado! Wishing you a happy and prosperous future!